Random Notes

  • I love Victoria's Secret cotton underwears <3
  • Do not wear the same bra two days in a row!
  • Use powder on my face!
  • 与える徳。共に繁栄。

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My new kimono items <333

Monday, November 7, 2011

Bye to my favorite perfume

I went to a drugstore called Tsuruha,
and I bought these masks for eyes.
They have camomile and gigner aroma.
I love this stuff!

 OK. I loved this perfume!
This was from 2009 summer collection at Victoria's Secret,
Very Sexy Now The Beauty of Brazil.
It smelled so so good.
But I have just finished this...
I still have this body sprey.
I will enjoy it next summer.
I went to a department store called Marui-san.
They had a rack sale.
It's important to put handkerchieves in your purse where I am.
It's one of the mammers in Japan, even for men.
Well, usually handkerchieves cost about 1,050 yen to 2,100 yen.
But I got the Betsey Johnson one for 525 yen,
and the Private Label one for 315 yen.
Cool stuff.
Then I went to a drugstore called Tulpe again.
I bought a toner, a body lotion, and a hair conditioner with 10% discount coupon.