Random Notes

  • I love Victoria's Secret cotton underwears <3
  • Do not wear the same bra two days in a row!
  • Use powder on my face!
  • 与える徳。共に繁栄。

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ulta and nonno

My boyfriend recently went to Japan
and he got me this magazine.
I don't usually read nonno
but it was so sweet of him getting this ^^
This magazine has some articles about new makeup items
and hairdos!
I was born in Hokkaido,
and this magazine has places to visit in Hokkaido too!
Actually I'm going back there pretty soon.
He said I could study some fashion before I would go back.
Ureshii ^^

Mario Badescu
Buffering Lotion $17
Botanical Facial gel $12

I had a final yesterday.
After that, I picked up my boy friend
and we went to Ulta.
It's about 30 min away from my current apartment.
I wanted to get these
because I am going back to Japan
but I wanted to try these.
I don't think Japan has Mario Badescu, does it?
I wanted to buy one lipstick of NYX for my mother
but I couldn't find a color I wanted for her.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

MAC Blot Powder Pressed Medium Dark

MAC Blot Powder Pressed
$23.00 +tax. (Medium Dark)

I hope it won't break my skin out ^^
I think I like going to M.A.C. stores
rather than M.A.C. in department stores somehow.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Missed Item

This doesn't work for me...
It didn't give me enough moisture.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

A gift for my mother

My mother loves lotions from America.
I bought some lotions for my mother at Victoria's Secret.
Three for $25.
I stopped by at the Sephora and
I picked up this sample for 100 points.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sephora Haul: Sephora Brand Brushes

I got a package from Sephora this afternoon.
Sephora OPI, Casting Call($9.50).
Philosophy Candy Cane($5) and Hot Buttered Rum
SEPHORA COLLECTION Colorful Mono Eyeshadow Hit The Road 57 for $3.
SEPHORA COLLECTION Travel Brush Set - Teal for $18.
SEPHORA COLLECTION Beauty In A Box Starter Kit Brush Set ($70 Value)
Starter Kit Brush Set for $10.

Sample pouches:
Clarins UV Plus Day Screen High Protection SPF 40
Guerlain Terracotta Skin Healthy Glow Foundation in 02 Brunettes
Kate Walsh Boyfriend Eau de Parfum

I donated my shoes and clothes today!
I got rid of some of my old stuff.
I feel good ^^

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Low Wedge Sandals

I tried them on.
I don't think they will hurt my feet.

Fashion Pet Peeves and Keys that I have found out.

I watched some videos about fashion pet peeves on youtube.
It was interesting, but people in the videos looked unhappy
simply because they were talking about what they hated.
What they hated were varied, such as Coach, logo shirts,
Juicy Couture tracksuits, Ed Hardy, UGG, and so on.

Personally, I never ever wear, jeggings, leggings, skinny jeans, Capri,
just because I know it emphasizes ugly shape of my legs and buttocks.
I own three things from Coach.
They are all limited edition, I think they are cute
and they were good deals :)
I don't mind people carry Coach or LV purses.
But Coach bags are so popular here
and they are fairly affordable,
so I think that makes Coach look cheaper.
I want to own miumiu or Gucci purses some day ^^
I don't think people should criticize if the other carry big brand purses.
Criticizing them makes you look miserable,
and I always feel that you are just jealous of them.
If you don't like them, keep it on your mind ...

If you find people carry fake things,
all you have to do is laugh at them at your own place.
I don't like fake things,
just because they are illegal and somewhat they make people cheap ...
well, they are illegal. They shouldn't be made.
I don't own Juicy Couture tracksuits,
but I love a pair of my A&F Yoga pants,
and also two pairs of my sweat pants from Victoria's Secret.
I don't think I own obvious logo shirts.
Well, I have some shirts with "PINK" on them.
I agreed with people in the youtube videos
who didn't like Ed Hardy and True Religion.
They are not my taste.
I would like to purchase jeans from 7 For All Mankind.
I tried them on at one of the thrift stores the other day.
They fit me well, and I liked their cut!
But I just didn't buy them.
What I own right now are American Eagle, Kitson, and Mousy.
No holes or scratch...

I don't mind people wear slutty clothes,
but they just make you look cheap ...
I don't do that...
Well, I don't want to see any cleavage of your boobs or buttocks.

One thing that I found out was that I should pay somewhat more for shoes.
Your feet and legs are your 2nd heart.
You should wear shoes that comfortably fit you.
One time I bought a pair of shoes from Forever 21,
and I really regretted them.
I won't buy any shoes from them ...


This is a picture of the shoes that I bought a while ago.
The heel looks intimidating but it's very comfortable.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Dior Bronze Matte Sunshine Healthy Matte 01

wow I bought this Dior bronzer for $29.90.
It was originally $44.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Beauty Detox Food

I just made an order of two books and a bottle of cranberry supplement
at Amazon.
I took a nutrition class eariler this summer.
I'm very interested in what I eat now.
I want to eat delicious food that I can feel the Mother Earth.
One of the books that I ordered was about nutrition.

Friday, July 15, 2011

I went to a mall between my shifts.

I placed two orders at Amazon and Sephora last night ^^
I went to a mall after work yesterday to check some colors at Sephora there.
Then I came home, I went back to work again.
After all, I decided to place an order on some stuff that I had an eye on.
I wanted to get a bronzer, and brushes :)))

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Buxom MUFE duo mat

I bought Too Faced shadow insurance for $8
and Buxom Trixie for $14 :)
The MUFE duo mat 203 suits for me !

Monday, July 11, 2011

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ulta and Express

No no ...

No no ...
L'Oreal lipstick Gilded Pink
ClearLast high cover face powder

Monday, July 4, 2011

Hollister and BakersShoes

Guess where I went today~~~
Hollister and BakersShoes!
Well I swore to myself I wouldn't wear Hollister any more,
because I'm mid-20s, and Hollister is for teenagers.
But I found this shirt and it was only $8 today ...
These shoes are so comfortable.
They have high height, and I never looked for Bo-Ho style.
But one cute store staff assisted me today,
and she suggested me,
since I never wore wedge in my life.
Also, I decided to sell or donate some my shoes that looked cute
but not comfortable to walk around.
Makki $70 --->> $29.90