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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hot Chocolate and Kuro-go (Japanese Bath Salt)

I will have my period soon.
I feel I'm getting fatty for that.
I typically get water retention, headache, stomachache, and tiredness
prior every period.
This bath salt below has some types of enzyme for reduction of fats,
which is woolong tea extract and lipase.
It also contains collagen, and it is supposed to be good for your skin.
Weather it works or not, I really enjoy any bath salts from Japan,
especially when they are Chinese herbal related.

These hot chocolate packets are from my work office.
I didn't know they had Tiramisu flavored hot chocolate.

By the way, I made purchases at Abercrombie&Fitch, and Hollister.
I don't think I should wear Hollister Brand any more,
because I think Hollister is for teenager.
And I look for more mature design for what I wear from now on.
But I always wanted to wear a red plaid shirt,
and I found a really cute design at their website.
I looked through Forever 21, GAP, Banana Republic, Express, AE, etc.
to find a red plaid shirt,
but I couldn't find I liked.
I didn't like the Hollister mark on the pocket at the breast area,
but it was $14.95, and cute.
What I ordered at Abercrombie&Fitch was a cardigan, and two tanks.
I wanted to order jeans,
but I was afraid of their size.
I believe they tend to run smaller.
They were very cheap also.
I look forward to receiving them ^^

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