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  • I love Victoria's Secret cotton underwears <3
  • Do not wear the same bra two days in a row!
  • Use powder on my face!
  • 与える徳。共に繁栄。

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Review and haul at World Market and Drugstore.com

I finished using these sample pouches and a mascara. The mascara was good. The cream was good too. The foundation was 03 sand, and it was a light texture. It didn't give me much coverage, but it was ok.

I went to the World Market, and I bought a bottle of sparking wine, wine stoppers, and candies.
I ordered at drugstore.com and bought this acne defense face lotion and other stuff. I think I should utilize more online services more, because I know what I need to have periodically and all I have to do is to stay home. I mean, it sounds very lazy but during semester, it would be very convenient since I don't have a car.

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