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  • I love Victoria's Secret cotton underwears <3
  • Do not wear the same bra two days in a row!
  • Use powder on my face!
  • 与える徳。共に繁栄。

Friday, June 18, 2010

Natural food store: Yogi tea DeTox and Stress Relief

I found a 20% off coupon this morning, so I went to a local natural food store and bought these two yogi teas ^^ I tried DeTox tea at the beginning of this month and I really really liked them, so I decided to buy one. I haven't tried Kava tea, but I thought it's good to try because I'm easy to get stiff muscles around neck area.

I'm happy to be able to buy them for cheap price, because I forgot to order them on drugstore.com. I just ordered stuff a day ago. Surprisingly, I don't have a car here in the States. I didn't need to drive a car in Japan. Drugstore.com has helped me so much to buy my private stuff. I can ask my friends to give me a ride, but I hesitate to buy private stuff. I can earn points from them too. It's awesome ^^ They make my life easier for sure.

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